July 22, 2024

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American neo-Nazi released from prison in shooting


Boise, IdahoNeo-Nazi escapes prison – friend shoots him dead

A dangerous neo-Nazi escapes custody in America. An accomplice released Skylar Mead, 31, at gunpoint, injuring several guards. Now both have been caught.

Felix Draper
  • A neo-Nazi made a stunning prison escape in the US state of Idaho on Thursday.

  • Skylar Mead, 31, shot him dead with the help of a like-minded man who fled the hospital. Three law enforcement officers were injured.

  • Two Aryan Knights members may be responsible for two murders.

In the US state of Idaho, a jailed neo-Nazi managed to escape after a hospital visit with the help of an outside accomplice. A shootout occurred in which three prison officials were injured, police said on Thursday. He warned people about armed and dangerous refugees. They showed that they were ready to use “extreme violence”.

According to police accounts, the inmate, Skylar Mead, 31, was being treated at a hospital in Boise when the shooting happened. The “coordinated attack” occurred directly in front of the emergency room, said the city's police chief, Ron Vinegar. The accomplice shot two prison officers, one of whom was critically wounded.

In solitary confinement for assaulting a police officer

Another prison officer was injured when the policemen opened fire. The armed assailant, later identified as Nicholas Ambenure, then fled in a gray Honda Civic with 31-year-old Meade. Ambenor was imprisoned with Meade until January

A day later, Mead and Ambenor were caught again at Twin Falls, 210 kilometers away. The arrest was preceded by a traffic stop and a short chase. Police are now investigating two murders by Meade and his former cellmate in Nez Perce and Clearwater counties. A getaway car was registered to one of the two victims.

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Mead is a member of the racist American neo-Nazi group “Aryan Knights”. After a 2016 assault on a police officer and various previous convictions, he was incarcerated in an Idaho maximum security facility designed for especially dangerous inmates. The striking tattooed man's prison sentence must not end before 2036. Because he was classified as dangerous, he served his sentence in solitary confinement.

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