July 23, 2024

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Viennese girl (13) who was raped fainted in court

Viennese girl (13) who was raped fainted in court

The young woman should be investigated individually for all acts of abuse. But the investigation was stopped when the girl started crying. “She was able to testify in three cases,” the girl's lawyer Saska Blatts explained to RTL.

Then an incident occurred in the court premises that should not have happened. According to the German broadcaster, the 13-year-old met one of the 17 suspects. He stalked her.

The teenager was due to go home after the court's own hearing. But he secretly stayed back and waited for the 13-year-old boy.

When he saw her, he started laughing. No words seem to have been exchanged, but the girl looks shocked at the boy. He allegedly abused her by keeping her on the stairs last year.

The young victim was only accompanied by her victim representative during the interview. Her parents are not. The mother had already explained that her daughter should not tell her the gruesome details of the crimes.

The trial of the girl will continue on April 26. He should also testify about the gang rape that took place in the hotel room.

The case made headlines far beyond the country's borders. The court incident has now raised serious questions about the safety of victims during court proceedings. Because they really need to be separated from suspected criminals.

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