March 4, 2024

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A woman meets her husband many years ago


Malaysia“I'm shaking”: Jen finds her current husband in an old selfie

A woman poses for a photo in 2012. A man can be seen in the background. Twelve years later she married this man. “I still shudder when I look at the photo,” says Zhen Xia.

  • A girl takes a selfie of herself.

  • A man can be seen in the background.

  • Years later the two get married.

A Malaysian woman is currently going viral. She says she spotted her husband in the background of a selfie she took years before they met.

Jen Xia was stunned when she spotted her partner in a picture taken in October 2012 — about 11 years before the two got married and two years before they met, Jam Press reports.

“I shudder to see it again”

“I'm still shaking this,” Chia, 32, captioned a photo on Instagram in December of herself in a theater cafe with a drink in hand. In the background her husband John Liddell (33), a Malaysian-raised singer-songwriter, can be seen queuing at the box office.

Sia's Instagram fans couldn't believe her chance encounter. “Invisible String Theory!!!!” exclaimed one follower, referring to a popular saying that says two soul mates destined to meet are linked by an invisible thread.

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