June 22, 2024

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What if Ukraine’s counteroffensive fails?

What if Ukraine’s counteroffensive fails?

Russia’s War of Aggression

What if Ukraine’s counteroffensive fails?

Part three on the Ukrainian counter-offensive, the consequences if Kiev doesn’t win – and the appropriate words for this war.


A Ukrainian woman cries during a liturgy at the Volodymyrskyi Cathedral in Kiev, Ukraine, on April 16, 2023.


Mr. Bob, what is Ukraine’s goal?

The Ukrainian side wants to use the newly established units to attack with Western supplies and try to gain the initiative to gain territory – this is intended to break the will of the Russian side to go to war or continue to strengthen the Western will. Receive weapons supplies.

What if the Ukrainian counteroffensive fails?

It will be interesting to see how the politics continue after that. If the counteroffensive fails, there will be a moment in the conflict when, for the first time in the conflict, there will be a strong call for peace talks – perhaps even from quarters we’ve never heard of before.

“Attack attempts will primarily have a major political impact.”

Roland Pop

Will the attack have ramifications beyond Ukraine and Russia?

Yes. Whatever happens in the next four to six weeks with regard to the attempted Ukrainian offensive: it will primarily have major political implications. I’m thinking specifically of the upcoming NATO summit, where some tensions are expected within the alliance, because some states want to give more far-reaching guarantees to Ukraine, while others are fighting tooth and nail.

For you, a historian, which statement from history applies to this war?

As the old saying goes, Providence is always on the side of great battalions.

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