July 20, 2024

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A government employee has released a water reservoir due to a cell phone

A government employee has released a water reservoir due to a cell phone


Officials evacuated the entire reservoir after the mobile phone accident

Paralkot Reservoir in Kangar district of India dried up within three days. A food inspector lost his cell phone while taking a selfie.


An Indian government official releases water from a reservoir in Kanker district. His smartphone fell into water while taking a selfie.


  • During a trip with friends, an Indian government official dropped his mobile phone in water.

  • So he drained several hundred thousand liters from the reservoir.

  • According to him, important official information is stored on the device.

In India, a government employee retrieved a cell phone that had fallen into a water tank. A food inspector did On a trip with friends The selfie was taken in the state of Chhattisgarh, Times of India reported on Saturday. First he tried to find his mobile phone through divers. When that didn’t work, he pumped out lakhs of liters of water from the Paralkot reservoir in Kanker district over three days.

Local television station NDTV has already reported that animals have often drunk from the reservoir. So the inspector explained on the smartphone Regulatory information As it was stored, he wanted to save it. In fact, the cell phone, which was originally non-working, is said to have been rediscovered. However, the person has been suspended for abusing his position. A number of officers who have admitted to pumping out are also being investigated.

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