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4 Naturist Beaches in Europe are beautiful

4 Naturist Beaches in Europe are beautiful

Blood bath fun

4 Best Nude Beaches in Europe

We offer four heavenly beautiful beaches where you don’t need to pack your bikini or swim trunks. Because: Nirvana is apparently preferred here.


Bathing without swimming trunks: We show you the most beautiful dream beaches where naked bathing is allowed in Europe.


If you don’t know what to wear (or what not to wear) because of the extreme heat, nude beaches are very comfortable. We provide inspiration to all freedom seekers, Brown stripes Hate it or want to escape the heat wave, you can do it on nude beaches in Europe Celebrate naked.

Nude fans appreciate the combination of sun, sea and freedom – and without a swimsuit.


1. Nugal beach near Makarska, Croatia

Near the Croatian town of Makarska, the far-flung Nugal Beach is the stuff of nature beach resorts. The white, fine pebble beach is located on a rocky coast next to a forest and directly on the bright blue Adriatic Sea.

The best way to reach Hidden Bay is after a half-hour hike through Osejawa Forest Park. Alternatively, you can take a boat trip to the dream beach. Important to know: You won’t find a beach bar here. So, take enough drinking water and carry for the tour in advance.

2. S Cavallet in Ibiza, Spain

Free body culture has long existed in Ibiza – no wonder the island was already popular with hippies in the 1960s. Even today, the Balearic Islands have some nudist beaches. Es Cavallet, for example, is just a ten-minute drive from Ibiza Town and Playa d’en Bossa.

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It is worth coming here. Because on a clear day you can see Ibiza Town, the neighboring island of Formentera and the salt fields of Las Salinas on the horizon. The mostly white sand beach with high waves is natural and partly dune, ensuring more privacy. At the southern end of the beach is the well-known gay bar Syringe Ibiza.

How to behave on a nude beach

Not sure how to act on a nude beach for the first time? Here are some tips:

  • Keep your distance from other beachgoers when choosing a spot.

  • Do not exchange physical affections.

  • During a conversation, look the other person in the eye and don’t stare at anyone.

  • Do not photograph or film anyone without permission.

  • Don’t talk about other people’s bodies — even if it’s just as a compliment.

3. Red Beach in Crete, Greece

The beautiful beach of Kokkinos Ammos, also known as the Red Beach, is located 20 minutes from the village of Matala in Crete. No wonder the beach got its name from the red-brown color – the sight from the blue water is stunning.

The nude beach is 300 meters long and can only be reached after landing. Good shoes, drinking water and food are essential if visiting a secluded beach.

4. Bühne 16 in Sylt, Germany

Some of the most beautiful nude beaches can be found not only in the south of Europe, but also in the north, such as on the island of Sylt – even if the temperature here is a bit cooler. Buhne 16 beach area in Kampung is very popular for this.

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Naked or clothed: all are welcome here. The beach is a nude area and a textile beach. If you feel uncomfortable, you can always slip into your bathing suit or change the length of the beach.

Tell us about your experiences!

What are your experiences? Have you frequented nude beaches and are a fan of nude bathing and sunbathing? What is your favorite beach? Or have you already had bad experiences at such a beach?

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