July 24, 2024

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Watson Editorial Board on EM Exam: Who Recognizes National Anthems?

Watson Editorial Board on EM Exam: Who Recognizes National Anthems?

Video: Watson/Alina Kilongan, Michael Shepherd

“You appear at dawn…” Perhaps we all have something to say. But do we recognize our own anthem when we hear only the instrumental version? Or Georgia? The Watson editorial team rose to the challenge.

13.06.2024, 20:0013.06.2024, 22:59

Michael Shepherd

The 2024 Men’s European Football Championship is just around the corner. Kickoff: June 14, 9pm, Munich. Germany will host the match against Scotland. Switzerland will then play Hungary in their first match on Saturday at 3pm. The final will be held in Berlin in a month, on July 14.

But not everyone in the Watson editorial team is interested, and few outside the sports industry actually follow the European football championship. Besides the inner racing game, it’s about something personal. Dear Watsonians, please correct me. Nevertheless, we wanted to test ourselves again and check how solid our national anthem knowledge is. Spoiler: Not so good. But see for yourself.

The result can be found here:

Video: Watson/Alina Kilongan, Michael Shepherd

Be fair:

It makes sense that the anthems of Italy or Germany are more easily recognizable than those of Albania or Georgia. Albania has only appeared in the finals once (in 2016), while Georgia is also participating for the first time. And it is a fact that all the songs convey the same thing. Except for those from Switzerland. Very slow compared to others. I’ll be honest with you: if we had participated in puzzles, Michael and I would have failed miserably. 😬

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Video: Watson

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