May 21, 2024

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War in Ukraine: Yeltsin’s son – in – law Putin resigns

War in Ukraine: Yeltsin’s son – in – law Putin resigns

The last member of the influential Yeltsin family leaves the Kremlin: Valentine Yumashev resigns as adviser due to the Ukraine war.

Briefly essential

  • Vladimir Putin is losing more and more influential advisers because of the war.
  • Now Yeltsin’s nephew Valentine Yumashev has also resigned.

The war in Ukraine will last a long time, and most advisers say it is not obvious Vladimir Putin (69) Cell. Recent example, according to Reuters: Valentine Yumashev (64) – 25 years later Kremlin!

According to the report, he “resigned from his adviser post in April” on his own initiative. Meaning: Yumashev finally got enough of Putin and his warlords.

Exciting: Yumashev had little influence over Putin’s decision. But he was the last owner for it Kremlin Co-member of the influential Yeltsin family. Yumashev is the nephew of former Russian President Boris Yeltsin († 2007).

During Yeltsin’s presidency (1991-1999), Yumashev served Kremlin-Counselor. He later became CEO Kremlin Designated. As Vladimir Putin 1997 Vice President Kremlin Promoted, Yumashev headed the presidential administration.

Yumashev aided Putin in the Kremlin

According to the “Daily Mail”, Yeltsin even asked what he thought of Yumashev before Putin’s promotion. Yumashev said he thought he was a “better candidate” and that he “should be considered.”

Subsequent promotions also served as a step for Putin to take on Yeltsin’s legacy. In 2000, after Yeltsin’s resignation, Putin won his first presidential election.

Is the Ukraine war scaring you?

Although Putin’s politics have been alienating Yeltsin for years, he maintains close ties with the former president’s family. As stated in it KremlinHe is said to be reuniting with Yeltsin’s daughter Tatiana in January 2020 Birthday Visited.

Tatiana Yeltsin has been with those who have resigned since 2009 Kremlin– Consultant Valentine Yumashev married. Excitement: The couple’s adult daughter caused a stir with a public anti – war statement. On February 24, Maria released a picture of the Ukrainian flag InstagramAccount and wrote: “No. Creek.

Many top advisers have resigned since the Ukraine war

Recently, many excellent Russian consultants Dem Kremlin Returned. For example, Putin’s longtime friend Anatoly Subais (66). He resigned as Russian special envoy Government And Ukraine left his country due to the war.

Subais is considered the architect of post-Soviet Russia’s economic reforms. He served as CEO under Yeltsin. He has repeatedly called for economic reforms in recent years. In the Russian language Government He was considered one of the most important liberals.

Caused great repercussions in the media Russian Ambassador Boris Bondarev resigns The reason: he did not quietly say goodbye to his post, but at the same time criticized them Kremlin– The general public.

Among other things, he said he was ashamed of his country. He described the war in Ukraine as “a crime against the Ukrainian and Russian peoples”. President Putin and Foreign Minister Lavrov were also missing in his farewell letter.

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