June 22, 2024

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Sperm donor conceals hereditary disease and makes 15 women pregnant

Sperm donor conceals hereditary disease and makes 15 women pregnant

An Englishman is the biological father of 15 children. The court has now found that he did not hide important details about his health when donating sperm.

Briefly essential

  • In the UK, the court raises serious charges against the sperm donor.
  • That man has Fragile X Syndrome.
  • It causes heredity and low IQ and emotional disorders.

Court corruption in the UK! There will be a man from the city of Derby in the future The sperm goes to the bank Denied. This is because he suffers from a chronic, hereditary disease – which he has kept secret until now!

JM (37) has donated his sperm to several lesbian couples The father of biology 15 children. The British tabloid “Daily Mail” is now making the case public.

Brit registered on various online sperm donation sites. He is well aware that he has Fragile X Syndrome. The disease causes mental retardation and emotional disturbances. It cannot be cured, but it can be hereditary.

One Of mothers For example, his three-year-old son reportedly does not speak and has behavioral problems.

Curiosity: The process in Derby Family Court begins with a Complaint Dear JM!

Prohibition of lifelong sperm donation – Adjournment of the case

He wanted it first Attention Force her to watch her four biological children without fail. He had no chance: before making the donation, he signed a document stating that he would not be in contact with children.

Only so Attention Having been deeply involved in the case, it has been revealed that JM has a fragile X syndrome. Instead of looking after his children, he now receives a donor ban.

Judge Livan described Britain as “a learning disability and an autistic spectrum with fixed perspectives”. A “deep lack of judgment” was found. He is “a little remorseful, easily rebellious and aggressive. If his wish is not fulfilled he loses control.”

The case will now be adjourned pending a report from the Office of Social Welfare. Then rolled again.

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