July 23, 2024

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War in Ukraine – Russia Celebrates “Victory Day” +++ Putin Praises Armed Forces – News

War in Ukraine – Russia Celebrates “Victory Day” +++ Putin Praises Armed Forces – News
  • 10:09

    SRF Correspondent Tschirky on Putin’s Origin: “Absolutely meaningless talk”

    Vladimir Putin’s speech lasted less than 10 minutes during the march marking the anniversary of the victory of World War II. SRF correspondent Luzia-Tschirky made a brief assessment: “The highly anticipated speech has become utterly meaningless in terms of content. The Russian president has once again proved one thing: no one knows what is being decided behind the walls of the Kremlin. This complete lack of transparency is one of the cornerstones of Vladimir Putin’s power struggle for two decades. “


    Putin during his speech in Moscow.


  • 9:50

    Putin promised to help families

    In his “Victory Day” on May 9, Russian President Vladimir Putin promised to help the families of wounded and killed soldiers. “The death of every soldier and officer hurts us,” Putin told Red Square during the annual military parade in Moscow marking the victory over Nazi Germany. “The government will do everything to take care of these families.”

    Soldiers and volunteers stationed at Donbass are fighting for their homeland. “You are fighting for your motherland, for its future.” The President concluded his speech
    Slogan of war to the assembled soldiers: “For Russia! For victory! Hooray!”

  • 9:25

    President Putin has praised Ukraine’s military action

    At a military parade in Moscow, Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin praised the deployment of Russian armed forces in Ukraine. Putin says in the Red Square in Moscow that soldiers were fighting for Russia’s security in the Donbass in eastern Ukraine. Ukraine was armed with NATO weapons, thus posing a threat to the country.

    “Russia has already launched a strike,” Putin said. “This is the only viable solution for a country with a strong sovereignty.”

    According to the context of the speech, the Kremlin boss is also looking back at World War II. His story is “twisted”. The memory of the winners faded, and “russophobia” spread.

    Following Putin’s speech, a minute’s silence was observed in Ukraine in memory of “military special operations” forces.

  • 8:41

    Russia wants to develop new generation hypersonic missiles

    According to the government, Russia is developing a new generation of hypersonic missiles. According to Russian news agency Interfax, Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borissov has said that they can be used to attack from the air, land and sea. He added that Russia has enough high-precision missiles and ammunition to carry out any task requested by the Armed Forces.

    Hypersonic missiles fly very fast and very high. They are manipulative and very difficult to intercept.

  • 8:15

    Russia celebrates victory over Nazi Germany with the first military parades

    77 years after the end of World War II, Russia celebrated the Soviet Union’s victory over Nazi Germany with the first military parades in the Far East. On the far eastern peninsula of Kamchatka, on the island of Sakhalin, Vladivostok in the Pacific Ocean and elsewhere, hundreds of soldiers took part in marches commemorating the Great Patriotic War. The Ministry of Defense in Moscow released a number of photos – World War II tanks from T-34 in Vladivostok.

    Twenty-eight marches were planned across the country, scheduled for 9:00 am CEST in the capital Moscow. The speech by Vladimir Putin, leader of the Kremlin, the Supreme Commander of the Russian Armed Forces in Red Square, was eagerly awaited.

    Putin may also comment on the war against Ukraine. The Kremlin is not talking about war, but about a “special military operation.”

    Parade in Vladivostok (April 9, 2022) on Victory Day, marking the 77th anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany in World War II.


    Parade in Vladivostok (April 9, 2022) on Victory Day, marking the 77th anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany in World War II.


  • 7:24

    EU Ambassador Mavromichalis is strongly opposed to the exceptions for Switzerland

    According to EU Ambassador Petros Mavromichalis, if the EU grants Switzerland exceptions to an agreement that does not exist in other member states, it will create holes in the general domestic market.

    The strength of the domestic market lies in the fact that all participating countries adhere to the same rules, Mavromichalis, who represents the interests of the European Union in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, said in an interview with the Neue Zürcher Zeitung.

    If there is any ambiguity, there is an event in the European Court of Justice that explains these rules. In areas where the federation participates in the domestic market, this also applies to Switzerland.

    EU Ambassador to Switzerland Petros Mavromichalis.


    EU Ambassador to Switzerland Petros Mavromichalis.


  • 6:32

    Russia’s space chief Elon Musk is intimidated

    Technical billionaire Elon Musk has threatened the consequences of Dmitry Rokosin, head of the Russian space agency, providing satellite internet to Ukraine. Musk’s space agency SpaceX has facilitated Russia’s attack on its Starling satellite network. It gives you fast internet from space. This was helpful to the Ukrainian authorities and troops when mobile communication and local internet access failed.

    Rogozin wrote in a telegram chat service on Sunday that Musk was “involved in providing military links to fascist forces in Ukraine.” To this he must respond “as an adult.”

    On Twitter on Monday night, Musk responded with a joke: “If I were to die in a mysterious situation – it would be good to know you.” Musk is also the owner of electric car maker Tesla, which is currently trying to buy Twitter.

  • 6:29

    Borel: Frozen fund for the reconstruction of Ukraine

    EU capitals should consider seizing frozen Russian foreign exchange reserves to finance Ukraine’s post-war reconstruction costs. EU foreign policy chief Joseph Borel made the remarks in an interview with the Financial Times.

  • 5:49

    The most important things in the last few days

    • Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky confirmed a Russian offensive on Sunday evening School building In eastern Ukraine 60 people were killed Was. People would have been in the building during the shelling Shelter Tried.
    • Selensky owns one Release Occupied port city Like Mariupol Currently Impossible. There is a shortage of heavy weapons, Selensky told a news conference with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who was in Kiev for a unity visit. At least it’s possible through diplomatic channels The public From besieged iron factories Assoc Outside, Selensky said. However, for the remaining Ukrainian players, the exit will be difficult.
    • Unload United States and other G7 countries Have imposed further sanctions on Russia. The White House says all G7 countries have pledged Russian oil imports Gradually remove or ban them – the US has already imposed an import ban accordingly.
    • Second came 90 refugees Refugee session in Bern A total of 30 attempts were passed: among other things, they demand Security level s Not applicable only to people coming from Ukraine.
    • According to the Russian military, competing areas in Ukraine have been gone since the end of February 1.16 million people were brought to Russia Was. That includes 205,000 children, the Defense Ministry announced in Moscow on Saturday.
    • Unload Switzerland is severely criticized On the handling of sanctions against Russia and the handling of assets of Russian oligarchs in Swiss bank accounts. Like the US Helsinki Commission, the Russian ambassador in Bern found clear words.
    • Unload CIA, The largest American spy agency, sees No symptoms For allowing Russia to use Tactical nuclear weapons Ukraine prepares for conflict. This was explained to his director Bill Burns.

    You can see the reports about the war in Ukraine last week Here.

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