July 20, 2024

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Vladimir Solovyov shared Putin’s super tank on Telegram

The video shows the T-14 Armata

Is Putin sending his super tank to Ukraine now?

With the T-14 Armata, Russia wants to surpass NATO forces in armor technology. If you believe Vladimir Solovyov, Putin’s chief propagandist, he will soon be employed in Ukraine. This is known about the alleged super tank.


In May 2015, the T-14 Armata debuted. Since then, Putin’s supertank has gone quiet.

It has a top speed of 80 kmph and is said to be able to travel 500 kilometers on a tankful. T-14 Armata. If one believes the words of Vladimir Putin’s propagandist, TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov (59), the tank will soon be finished. In Ukraine will come into use.

The Russian shared a 24-second video on Telegram of what he said was “the world’s best battle tank” during a training session.