July 20, 2024

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Putin critic Pavel Andov falls from hotel window in India

He criticized Putin

Sausage oligarch who fell out of hotel window in India – dead!

Russian politician Pavel Andov died mysteriously while on holiday in India. Earlier, he criticized Vladimir Putin and the war in Ukraine. This is not the strangest death in recent months.


Oligarch and politician Pavel Andov died under mysterious circumstances in India.

Pavel Andov († 65) earned millions as a businessman, was considered the highest earner among Russian parliamentarians and was a member of Putin’s United Russia party. Now for the review Russian invasion of Ukraine have become dead.

He wanted to celebrate his 66th birthday in India. Now the meat producer is dead.news channel NDTV According to reports, Antov was found dead in front of a hotel in Rayagada district, Odisha, India.