June 15, 2024

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Vladimir Putin is hunting civilians on the street for the army

Vladimir Putin is hunting civilians on the street for the army

Vladimir Putin is looking everywhere for recruits to bolster his army for the war in Ukraine. “Conscript-catchers” stalk the streets, offices and airplanes.


The essentials in a nutshell

  • There are no conscripts in the Russian army.
  • Therefore, conscientious objectors are now being put on the streets.
  • “Controlled catchers” also recruit potential recruits on flights and offices.

Chaotic regional mobilization, loss of territory, disintegration Army: in Ukraine war That doesn’t sit well with Vladimir Putin. Despite this, the Russian president is trying to somehow salvage the failed invasion – by any means necessary.

The latest tactic: recruiters Ukraine war Taken from the streets of Russia. Because Russian Army War ready men urgently needed.

To oppose it, among the unbelievers Creek Dragging does nothing. “Forced-catchers” take care of that: they hunt down draft dodgers – and there can be many of them. “The Sun” writes that flights will also be grounded to put co-pilots on a mission.

16,000 recruits fight for Vladimir Putin

In addition, recruiters are also looking at offices for men who work for Putin Creek up to “They are behaving like dog catchers,” says a shocked resident. Once assembled, the Russians must fight on the frontline in Ukraine.

Partial demobilization was announced by Putin in September – and implemented immediately. Meanwhile 222,000 recruits are invited was 16,000 people are already struggling Ukraine war. A total of 300,000 Russians were employed.

Do you fear that the war in Ukraine will escalate?

The partial mobilization brought a lot of criticism for Putin – even from within his own ranks. Even the reservationists Complain about catastrophic conditions. For example, there is a shortage of provisions, money or usable ammunition. They will be “treated like cattle”.

Besides, suffers Under the economy of Russia Partial mobilization. After all, especially highly qualified men have left the country. outside AngerAs cannon fodder Creek to be sent.

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