June 22, 2024

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Vaccination is a “voluntary act” +++ Every fourth winter tourist should be isolated

Reinhold Messner, a South Tyrolean mountaineer, is concerned about the reputation of his homeland’s tourist destination, given the large number of people refusing to be vaccinated and the high incidence of corona in Italy. “We are losing our reputation,” the 77-year-old said in an interview with a German newspaper. “When we say we’re the worst in Italy, people think about whether they will come to us for skiing.” South Tyrol is by far one of the most popular holiday destinations for German citizens.

The province of Alpine currently has the lowest number of fully vaccinated people in Italy (as of Tuesday evening: 68.6 percent) and at the same time, with a value of 550, the highest in seven-day events. That’s why stricter measures apply than elsewhere – for example, the need for a mask on the outside and the FFP2 mask on public transport. From Monday, you can only go to restaurants, bars, theaters, theaters or fitness studios with 2G certification – i.e. proof of vaccination or recovery.

For Messner, tough measures, there is no hope that previous opponents will still be vaccinated against the virus. “It’s probably too late,” said the former Green MEP, who has already been vaccinated three times. “Those who have not yet been vaccinated, those who have absorbed these conspiracy myths from the web, can no longer change.”

Messner also notes that the vision of an autonomous province is changing. “We were the personalities of South Tyroleans Italy. We were the best in the economy. We were orderly and kept our country clean – in contrast to Rome the wild boar roamed the area. But now the South Tyroleans are suddenly down in statistics. And the Italians are laughing at their shirts.”

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