July 24, 2024

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Vacationers deposit towels in front of the hotel door

Vacationers deposit towels in front of the hotel door
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The area around the best sun loungers of the pool is very popular with tourists. Now a new fraud in the “war of pieces” is apparent in Mallorca.

MALLORCA – The fight for a place at the pool in Mallorca has reached a new level: British travelers are said to have left their towels in front of a locked hotel door on the popular holiday island.

Like a British newspaper Daily Mirror There are reports that hotel guests are now leaving their towels in front of the hotel door early in the morning – it’s actually locked overnight to curb the early morning towel madness a bit. But now vacationers line up their folded towels before heading out to the pool. Vacationers are sure to reserve lounges only in this row for the next morning. Recently, the Mallorcan influencer asked her followers to post fewer vacation photos to protect nature.

Rush on the sun loungers on the holiday island – new towel tactics in Mallorca

In a now known case the tourists were British. “These are not young people, but almost middle-aged vacationers,” the man says, as an eyewitness from the Camp de Mar hotel put it. Daily Mirror. The man continues: “Once we had to have breakfast at 6.30am because we wanted to go on a long walk. This time, the towels were neatly lined up. Some vacationers waited until the pool area doors opened at 8 a.m. That’s madness.” Italy is now cracking down on this madness with fines of up to 3,000 euros.

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Over the past few years, there have been repeated “piece wars” in Mallorca for the best sun loungers. The media often reported that it was a dispute between the Germans and the British. Due to the ridiculous views, many hotels have decided to lock their pool area and open it only during breakfast time. Earlier, many vacationers woke up around 5 am, set aside the coveted lounges with towels by the pool and went back to bed. The Ministry of Health and Consumer Protection is also leaving now Against the increasing drinking tourism in Mallorca.