May 21, 2024

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Unrest in Kazakhstan – Media reports of explosions and shootings in Almaty – News

  • In the Republic of Kazakhstan in Central Asia, the situation shaken by the riots is even more chaotic.
  • On Saturday night, state television reported that security forces continued to crack down on protesters in several cities across the country.
  • This information could not be verified independently.
  • Most recently, the activities have focused on the metropolitan city of Almaty, which has been in turmoil for several days. According to the portal, there have been at least two shootings in the economic metropolis. There were bombs too. Security forces patrolled in armored vehicles.

Even at night, there was little independent information from there. The Internet is at least temporarily disabled. Foreigners are not currently allowed in the former Soviet republic.

Gas prices provoke protests

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A good week ago, unrest in the dictatorial republic was triggered by dissatisfaction with rising gas prices. These demonstrations turned into protests, including violence against the government. Many are frustrated by the corruption and abuse of power taking place in the country.

    So far 4,400 people have been arrested. State television reported on Saturday, citing the Interior Ministry. The leader of the dictatorial republic Qasim-Shomart Tokayev ordered a day of state mourning. Several Kazakh state media outlets announced on Monday that “many victims of tragic incidents in some parts of the country” should be remembered.

    Authorities have so far estimated the death toll at more than 40, including security forces. It is feared, however, that this number – especially civilian casualties – could be very high. President Djokovic has ordered security forces to shoot protesters. He defended this on Twitter that night, saying talks would not be held with the “terrorists” who killed people and set fire to buildings.

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President Tokayov on Friday ordered security forces to open fire on protesters.


Dissatisfaction with former ruler Nazarbayev

    Opposition groups called for a cease-fire in protest of the recent election victory of former dictator Narsultan Nazarbayev. According to a spokesman, he did not leave his home country despite the unrest. “The head of state is in Noor-Sultan, the capital of Kazakhstan,” spokesman Ajdos Ukibaj wrote on Twitter.


Narsultan Nazarbayev: Former President, who resigned in 2019, is considered to be the real strong man of the former Soviet republic led by the dictatorship.


Earlier, the 81-year-old was rumored to be leaving Kazakhstan after his successor, President Tokayo, fired him as chairman of the influential Security Council. Former President Nazarbayev is in direct contact with President Toqayev, the spokesman wrote. The former president, who resigned in 2019, is considered the real strong man of the dictatorial-led former Soviet republic.

Arrested security team leader arrested

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Kareem Massimov.


The head of the National Security Council has been fired for unrest. Kareem Massimov, Has been arrested on treason charges. He was taken into custody along with other senior officers, the security committee said Saturday. No further details were reported.

President Djokovic has surprisingly sought support from the Russian-dominated military alliance. The organization of the Collective Security Agreement sent a total of 2,500 troops from Allied countries to Kazakhstan, including Russian paratroopers.