June 18, 2024

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There are now over 150,000 corona deaths in Great Britain +++ Corona demo in Zurich

There in Austria Corona disease of the principal Carl Nehammer (ÖVP) continue to speak. A photo of a politician in good company in a ski resort has been circulating on social media – which has now made clear to the head of government.

On Saturday, Nehammer’s spokesman clarified that the photo was taken on December 29 and in accordance with 2G rules. One week later, Nehammer was tested negative for the corona virus. “The infection occurred after he returned from vacation,” Presidential spokesman Daniel Cossack wrote on Twitter.

The Chancellor tested positive on Friday. “The infection was caused by a member of my security team,” he said on Twitter.

The chancellor said on ORF radio on Saturday that he had no symptoms. Thanks to the booster vaccine, the disease is harmless. Despite recent criticism, Nehammer stressed that the ÖVP-Greens government would stick to the Corona vaccination program scheduled for February 1.

He did not want to turn down the vaccine bonus to increase his desire for safety injections. However, more detailed analyzes show that money alone cannot convince vaccine skeptics. The Chancellor noted the experiences of companies that could not achieve definitive vaccination results even with high premiums.