June 7, 2023

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UN Security Council presidency – Pascal Parisville: “A historic moment for Switzerland” – News


Switzerland is in the top league of international politics: On May 1, 2023, it will for the first time chair the most powerful UN body, the Security Council. UN Ambassador Pascal Parisville spoke about this challenge on “Take of the Day”.

From January 1, 2023, Switzerland will for the first time become the most powerful UN member of the United Nations. The five permanent members of the group are China, France, Great Britain, Russia and the United States. They are now joined by ten non-permanent members, including Switzerland. UN The culmination of Switzerland’s two-year presence on the Security Council begins next week: Switzerland will assume the presidency.

Ambassador Pascal Parisville of Switzerland represents the council. On “Take of the Day”, he says: “We have represented the Swiss position as a member of the Council in the last four months. Now we are becoming a Guardian of the Council. We must ensure that the Security Council functions efficiently. This is a historic moment, we know that.”


Pascale Baeriswyl: “Now we are becoming guardians of the Council. We must ensure that the Security Council functions efficiently.”

AP Photo/John Minchillo

The ambassador said that the presidency of the UN Security Council is an opportunity for Switzerland to contribute to world peace and security in the current tense world political situation. Switzerland intends to play an active and credible role in all conflicts and issues on the Council’s agenda.

Barrysville: “We are currently witnessing increasing crises and conflicts. We want to inspire how we can resolve these crises.” Although the Security Council is the most powerful body for peace and security, it is only one link in the entire chain of possibilities for peace mediation. The Security Council can only work better with other bodies, organizations and civil society to work towards peace. can

We are currently witnessing increasing crises and conflicts. We want to provide inspiration for how we can solve these crises.

Peirisville sees the renewal of the resolution on humanitarian aid for Syria and the extension of the mandate of the UN Regional Office for West Africa and the Sahel as Switzerland’s biggest success to date. Switzerland played an important role in both.

UN The Security Council is currently dealing with the situation in Sudan. The Security Council called on the parties to the conflict to cease hostilities and engage in dialogue. Any further escalation would have catastrophic consequences on the civilian population and worsen the dangerous humanitarian situation. Other states in the region should contribute to defuse the conflict. “We’re very concerned,” says Barrysville.

Tension between the great powers

You can feel the rivalry between the US and China in the Security Council. “We enjoy it every day,” says Barrysville. Time and again, Switzerland contributes to the reduction of tensions and targeted conflict resolution. “It is not always necessary for us to pass a resolution in the Security Council. It is critical that countries are in dialogue and understand each other’s perspectives.”

To take a break from international foreign policy, Pascal Parisville plays the saxophone every Sunday at 5pm at his home near Central Park. She is backed by a jazz pianist. “Music is a very important balance for me and it gives me the strength to continue working at this high speed.” From May 1, the Security Council of the UN Strengths that the messenger should set the pace.

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