June 18, 2024

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Ukrainian ticker. Moscow did not want to negotiate the escape of rockets +++ Mariupol in Kyiv during Guterres’ arrival.

Celebrities such as feminist Alice Schwarzer, writer Martin Walser and science journalist Ranga Yogeshwar have appealed to German Prime Minister Olaf Scholes not to provide Ukraine with more heavy weapons.

The signatories wrote in an open letter to a German newspaper that they would not give Russian President Vladimir Putin any reason to extend the war to NATO. Warn of the danger of World War III. Among the 28 first signatories were writer Alexander Glck, legal philosopher Reinhard Merkel, singer Reinhard May, cabaret artists Gerhard Bolt and Dieter Nohr, actors Lars Edinger and Edgar Selge and writer Julie Che.

Alice Schwarzer, along with other German dignitaries, called on President Olaf Scholes in an open letter to stop supplying arms to Ukraine.

KEYSTONE // DPA / Oliver Berg

The German parliament, the Bundestag, on Thursday approved with a large majority the supply of heavy weapons to Ukraine. Unlike many critics who accuse Scholz of being reluctant, the signatories of the letter express their support for the fact that the Chancellor has done everything possible to prevent the escalation of World War III in Ukraine.

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