July 23, 2024

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Ukraine war: She wanted her host boyfriend back

Ukraine war: She wanted her host boyfriend back

British host Tony gives a pass to refugee Sophia from Ukraine. But she wanted her boyfriend back and was arrested when she tried.


The essentials in a nutshell

  • Tony left his partner for a Ukrainian refugee who was staying with them.
  • But on Monday, the relationship ended after four months.
  • Sophia had a problem with that and she tried to win Tony back.

love story British presenter Tony Garnett (29) And Ukrainian refugee Sofya Karkadym (22) starts a new round. He was after Tony announced on Monday Separated from the 22-year-old “Daily Mail” reports that now the Ukrainian has been arrested.

What happened? Police found a young Ukrainian woman in the bushes in a desperate attempt to win back her ex-boyfriend. But Tony allegedly refused to open the door for him.

Police reportedly ordered Sophia to stay away from the house after Tony contacted authorities on Saturday night.

According to the report, the Ukrainian previously left the shared home, but returned last night. Neighbors heard her screaming outside and kicked the door several times and called the police.

“Tony, I love you. Please come with me.”

Officers arrived in two vehicles with lights flashing, but they were from Creek Escaped, Sophia climbed the garden wall and disappeared into the night. Police reportedly searched gardens and local streets with flashlights until they found the teenager hiding in the bushes.

Footage released by the Daily Mail shows two officers leading her away, saying: “Toni, I love you. Please come with me.” After being questioned by police, the young woman was allowed to leave the station without charge.

He apparently told the authorities that he was going to his home country She wants to return to her family. His visa, which granted him emergency refugee status in the UK for six months, expires in a few weeks.

Tony: ‘She didn’t want to be accused’

Speaking to the Daily Mail about the incident, Tony said: “It was a perfect storm. Her visa has expired and she has nothing in this country. She’s not with me now, and there’s no reason for her to stay.”

And: “I don’t want her to be blamed. I think she’s suffered a lot and you have to at least sympathize with the fact that she’s from an occupied country.”

According to Tony, Sophia is from Lviv, which was not as badly affected as other parts of Ukraine. “I hope she is safe with her family,” the 30-year-old said.

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