April 19, 2024

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Ukraine War: Russians Wear Ukrainian Uniforms

Because they fear Wagner’s mercenaries lurking about

Ukrainians are killing each other in Bagmut

Those fighting for the Wagner group could collect a tidy sum – if they survive. A German soldier on the frontline in Ukraine reports on a mercilessly attacking private army.

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Wagner’s private army of mercenaries is responsible for war crimes around the world. For example in Mali (pictured), but also in Ukraine.

Ukrainians, Russians and Wagner mercenaries fight each other every day. In many cases, legionnaires do not have Russian passports, but actually live abroad. Volunteers are also fighting on the Ukrainian side. Ben Cowler* (21) is one of them and spoke to “Tagesspiegel” about his experiences. The German soldier encountered Wagner’s mercenaries on several occasions – especially in the town of Bagmut, where Yevgeny Prigozhin’s (61) mercenaries were mainly stationed. Many of them have already been captured by Gowler.

During his missions, the young soldier wondered how many foreigners worked for the Russians and killed his kind. Gauler fought mercenaries who held American, French, Syrian or German passports. Kauler asked one of the Germans captured at Bachmut what he was doing in the Ukraine. His motivation: money.