June 13, 2024

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Ukraine War: Russians Use Putin’s Hellfire Weapon in Ukraine

Vacuum bombs are doubly dangerous

Putin uses Hell’s weapon in Pakmut

Putin’s troops are trying by all means to seize more territory in Ukraine – even using the TOS-1A. It is a doubly lethal weapon and is also known as Putin’s infernal weapon.

Posted: 11:33 am


Updated: 47 minutes ago


New footage shows the Russians using a TOS-1A rocket launcher in Ukraine.


Johannes HillickRedaktor news

A fierce battle has been going on for months over Bachmut. Russian soldiers and Wagner’s troops attempt to capture the city. So far, the Ukrainians can hold the fort. That’s why Vladimir Putin’s (70) forces are now deploying much heavier artillery.

As Russia Today footage shows, the TOS-1A rocket launcher — known as Putin’s weapon from hell — is apparently in use. No wonder: the TOS-1A fires not ordinary rockets, but vacuum bombs. This causes two explosions. The first ignites a fireball – the second deprives the environment of oxygen. It is doubly deadly.