July 20, 2024

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Ukraine War: Russian General Dances Naked After 310 Million Planes Destroyed

Ukraine War: Russian General Dances Naked After 310 Million Planes Destroyed

Ukraine war

Russian general dances naked – he is responsible for the destruction of 310 million planes

Russian general Alexander Matovnikov does a striptease and he does it. The footage was leaked online the day after he claimed responsibility for the destruction of the multi-million-dollar plane.


A striptease for his girlfriends? General Alexander Matovnikov is considered a Casanova – he was unfortunate enough to have a 310 million Swiss francs worth of aircraft destroyed on February 27, 2023 under his supervision.

20 minutes

  • Belarusian underground fighters destroyed a Russian spy plane near Minsk on Monday.

  • Russian Lieutenant General Alexander Matovnikov was in charge of the airfield’s security.

  • A nude video of her was released the day after the attack.

A video of a striptease is currently going viral on social media. The footage shows Russian Lieutenant General Alexander Madovnikov dancing in the bathroom – in between dropping the towel around his waist.

It is no coincidence that the video appears now. Matovnikov is the man under whose supervision the Russian spy plane was destroyed on Monday. The Periv A-50 was based at an airfield in Makhulishchi, near the capital Minsk exploded. Value of the spy plane: 310 million Swiss francs. Two Belarusians carried out the attack using drones.

A Casanova in the Russian Army

Among his acquaintances, the 57-year-old has the reputation of Casanova. Although he is married, rumor has it that he is more interested in women’s affairs than protecting a valuable aircraft parked in Belarus.

It is true that Belarus did not directly participate in the Russian offensive in Ukraine. However, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has allowed Russian troops to use Belarusian territory as a base for operations in Ukraine.

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“No wonder what happened at the airport”

Matovnikov, currently the Deputy Supreme Commander of the Russian Ground Forces in Belarus, is no stranger to Moscow. The general was appointed to this post three years ago. He previously served in a political role as Vladimir Putin’s plenipotentiary representative in the North Caucasus Federal District. At that time Matonikov was also a member of the Security Council of the Russian Federation.

According to a comment on a Telegram channel, Matovnikov is “an ardent lover of Minsk restaurants and women.” He prefers to delegate responsibility for decisions to his subordinates. The general “invests a lot of time in creating similar video content (Editor’s note above) for her girlfriends,” the comment continues. In conclusion: “Therefore, what happened at Makulichi Airport should not be surprising.”

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