April 15, 2024

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Russia produces 20 tanks a month – and loses 150

Russia produces 20 tanks a month – and loses 150

Ukraine war

Russia produces 20 tanks a month – and loses 150

To compensate for its material losses, the Kremlin has only one Soviet-era tank factory. However, it produces only ten percent of Russia’s demand each month.


Domestic Russian tank production is a shadow of its former self compared to Soviet times.

Imago/Russian origin

  • Since the start of the invasion of Ukraine, the Russian military has suffered massive losses in personnel and material.

  • While the West supplies weapons to Ukraine, the Kremlin must rely on its own production.

  • But this pales in comparison to the Soviet era, when hundreds of tanks were produced every month.

The Soviet Union’s industrial power was also a factor in the failure of “Operation Barbarossa” when Hitler-led Nazi Germany launched an invasion of the Soviet Union. At the time, Hitler felt that the Communist League would collapse if most of the Red Army was destroyed.

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1000 tanks per month earlier

This idea did not work: Soviet losses were enormous, but they could be compensated by a constant flow of new recruits. Further Destroyed tanks and other vehicles are ongoing replaced by newly manufactured ones. In the process of withdrawing from the West, the Soviet Union moved entire tank factories and other armaments enterprises to the eastern parts of the country. At that time, Soviet industry produced 1000 tanks a month.

Vladimir Putin and his military leadership can only dream of such numbers today. According to the “Economist” report, Russia has only one tank factory. Built in the 1930s in eastern Russia, the industrial complex known as UralVagonZadov is said to employ around 30,000 people today – yet the giant factory only produces 20 tanks a month.

Russia lost 1779 tanks in Ukraine

Accordingly, demand is ten times greater than supply. As stated therein Open Source Intelligence-Platform Oryx Russia has already lost 1779 tanks since the invasion began in February 2022. On an average, it processes less than 150 tanks a month Guarded by Ukrainian troops became With the 20 tanks Russia produces a month, these losses can never be compensated – unlike Ukraine, Russia has never received weapons from allies, except for Iranian drones.

Although these became more complex and therefore more expensive to produce after World War II, this low two-digit number was never to the liking of the Russian military. In addition, Russia is missing critical areas such as semiconductors, which are absolutely necessary for many modern components such as targeting systems. The tank company itself is in a state of obsolescence due to huge debts and financial irregularities.

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Will the Kremlin get Chinese tanks soon?

Russia is also refurbishing old tanks for use in the Ukraine conflict. These were previously in warehouses for decades. The UralVagonZadov plant refurbishes eight old tanks monthly, and three other repair centers in the country refurbish about 17 tanks every month.

According to “Economist”, Russia also plans to open two new plants for refurbishing tanks. This should allow for the recovery of 90 tanks each month – but not enough to replace losses on the battlefield. The US Secret Service recently reported this China, apparently, is toying with the possibility of arming Russia to provide. If it really has to come, it will probably be one New expansion level in conflict reached

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