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Coke makes the seeds grow and increases testosterone production

Coke makes the seeds grow and increases testosterone production

Consequences for fertility?

Coke consumption causes testicular growth and increases testosterone production

Consuming kola has many effects on the body. Now researchers have identified new – and more unexpected – effects.


Fee Anabelle Riebeling


Chinese researchers have gained new insights into the effects of cola consumption.


  • According to a study in China, kola makes testicles grow — at least in mice.

  • Testosterone production is also stimulated in animals.

  • According to the researchers, the results suggest that the same holds true for men.

  • However, they also point out that previous studies have come to different conclusions.

Coke is not known as a healthy drink. The high amount of sugar makes them a calorie bomb. And the Lite or Zero versions don’t do that well. Because Sugar substitutes can damage gut flora. And this Artificial sweeteners are poison for your teethAs Swiss researchers demonstrated in 2019.

Researchers at Northwest Minxu University in China now report another previously unknown effect of increased cola consumption. As they do in the special issue “Acta Endocrinol” Write, regular consumption can lead to increased testosterone levels and testicular growth – at least in mice.

Significantly larger testicles after 15 days

For the study, the researchers prescribed a special 15-day drinking diet to male rats. In one group, the animals only got water to drink. In others, rats were given varying amounts of Coca-Cola or Pepsi-Cola to drink. Animals were weighed regularly. Additionally, testosterone levels and testicular circumference were measured.

Result: After 15 days, the rats that drank the cola without exception Significantly larger testicles. In addition, serum testosterone concentrations were significantly increased in them. “Consumption of Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola may promote testicular growth and increase testosterone release,” the researchers write.

According to research, the observed effects apply to men as well. “Our results form the scientific basis for a comprehensive understanding consequences [kohlensäurehaltiger Getränke] and their mechanisms human development and reproductive functions, but also prevention of prostate dysfunction and cancer,” write the study’s authors.

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Different studies, different results

So men who want to have a baby should not drink liters of Coke. The team points out that the result contradicts previous studies. A 2010 paper that studied 2,500 men over four years showed Sperm count drops by 30 percentIf you consume one liter of cola daily.

Seven years later another survey team arrived “Journal of Nutrition” concluded that cola consumption in men reduces fertility and sperm quality and motility. For this purpose, data from nearly 20,000 subjects were evaluated.

Women are also affected

in another study Since 2017, researchers have come to the conclusion that cola consumption can have a negative effect on the reproductive system of women. This is because cola and other fizzy drinks can affect women’s hormone levels and ovulation. Pregnant women should also be cautious about coke. Coca-Cola’s caffeinated lemonade is true Unlike the early days there was no cocaine. But in 2012, extensive testing of Coca-Cola beverages in France Up to ten milliliters of alcohol per liter was detected.

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