July 23, 2024

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Ukraine War: Dam Burst Fears Rise

Ukraine War: Dam Burst Fears Rise

During the war in Ukraine, Kyiv fears that Russia will blow up the dam in the Cherson region. According to an expert, the flood will be like a tsunami.


The essentials in a nutshell

  • Kyiv fears that Russia will blow up the Khakovka dam.
  • An explosion can have devastating consequences for civilians.
  • According to an expert, a huge tsunami will occur.

Ukraine fears Russia dam of Khakovka hydroelectric power station in Cherson region. According to information from Kiev, Russian troops have cut the dam. The downstream city of Kherson contains 18 million cubic meters Water flood

In a text Volodymyr Zelenskyj A “man-made disaster” is spoken of. Millions of people are at risk along the Dnipro River. News portal «Nexta» reports, Ukraine United Nations and the EU He asked to send visitors to the dam.

Ukraine war: Tsunami blast as big as 10-story building

Yuriy Medover, a Russian opposition figure and hydrogeologist, told the Ukrainian portal “Obozrevatel”. Possible consequences The war in Ukraine. An eruption followed with a flood Tsunami The same. According to Medover, the wave would be “as tall as a ten-story building.”

The annexed peninsula of Crimea will also feel the effects. Because he provides the North Crimean Canal Water from the reservoir. Another problem that could arise: in the event of a disaster, the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant would have no cooling water from the reservoir.

Ukrainian troops move closer to Cherson

According to Kiev, the Russians will try to stop the Ukrainian advance in the war in Ukraine with a possible explosion. The embankment between the dam is currently under Russian occupation. However, Ukraine managed to advance and is 30 to 50 kilometers away from the course of the Dnieper. This was reported by “Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland”.

Are you worried about the war in Ukraine?

Last week, Russian authorities announced they would begin “evacuating” civilians to other annexed areas. To date, 15,000 people have been brought to the left bank of the Dnipro. Executive representative Kirill Stremusov reported this. In this context, Ukraine talks about the deportation of citizens to Russia.

Meanwhile, Russian officials say they have begun Water As the “Kyiv Independent” writes, drainage from the reservoir. Zelensky had warned that Russia wanted to blame Ukraine in the event of a bombing.

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