June 22, 2024

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Putin can trigger tsunamis and “killer gas clouds.”

Putin can trigger tsunamis and “killer gas clouds.”

Experts say a Russian nuclear test could have dire consequences for the war in Ukraine.


The essentials in a nutshell

  • Russia continues to make threats with nuclear weapons.
  • According to experts, even testing nuclear weapons would have major consequences.
  • For example, an eruption in the Black Sea can cause a deadly gas cloud.

Russia is outdoing itself with nuclear threats NATO Watch Putin’s every move on this matter. And the EU Threats are a thorn the eye. of EU– Foreign Secretary Joseph Borel recently made it clear: A nuclear strike in the Ukraine war would result in a response Destroyed by the Russian army.

It is unclear whether Putin was actually involved in the war in Ukraine They will resort to nuclear weapons. However, according to experts, a nuclear test is more likely to reveal force. It will have a testing ground Black Sea In question, reports the British tabloid media “The Sun”. It was the first nuclear test in nearly 30 years.

Such an attack can have dramatic consequences – even if the explosive device is detonated “only” as a test. Expert Viorel Badescu warns: By explosion A nuclear missile threatens to form a “poison gas cloud” in the Black Sea.

Because: The Black Sea is the world’s largest natural reservoir of hydrogen sulfide. A nuclear bomb hitting the ocean would release large amounts of this chemical into the air.

Nuclear test in Ukraine war could unleash deadly gas cloud

The resulting foul-smelling gas can blow towards coastal areas. Toxic to humans by inhalation. In high doses, “brain rot”.

Another possible outcome The Black Sea detonated a nuclear weapon: Tsunamis. Specifically, Badescu talks about “two meters high”. Tsunami– Waves”. When testing tactical nuclear weapons – which have a small deployment radius – the waves are half as high.

Are you afraid of nuclear war?

However, the danger of tsunamis does not come only from their height: 2004 was introduced Earthquake per Indian Ocean Tsunami, which claimed about 230,000 lives. Here too, the waves sometimes reached a height of a few meters, which made them no less dangerous. The decisive factor is especially the amount of water hitting the land per kilometer of coastline.

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