June 18, 2024

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Ukraine War: Bad Things Happen in Putin’s Recruiting Offices

Civilians are declared snipers

That’s all the really bad stuff in Putin’s recruitment offices

Neither short-sightedness nor physical limitations played any part in the partial mobilization of the Russian army. The confusion is so great that commanders turn even non-gunners into snipers.


Materials for the front: newly mobilized Russian soldiers.

The frustration of the Russian military leadership seems to be growing. People across the country were sent against their will to the war in Ukraine after Russian President Vladimir Putin (70) announced partial demobilization. Further Single parents, people with cancer and the half-blind were drafted – the important thing was that quotas to be met were met.

Among the conscripts were Igor Z.* (33). The engineer received marching orders from Moscow, then represented the office of Chief Victor K.* to recruit. “He told him privately that he had a disabled wife, that he suffered from a congenital heart defect, and that his military expertise was a sailor cable man,” the 33-year-old wife told Novaya Gazeta.