June 22, 2024

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U.S. police shoot shop robber in wheelchair with nine shots

An Arizona police officer has killed a wheelchair user nine times. He is said to have stolen something and drawn a knife.

Briefly essentials

  • A police officer has shot dead a man in a wheelchair in Arizona.
  • Suspected shoplifter draws knife.
  • Thus he had no choice but to throw nine bullets at his back.

There is a police officer in the state of Arizona in the United States 61-year-old suspected shoplifter Killed nine times in the back of a wheelchair. Duson City Police Chief Chris Magnus released a video of the incident Tuesday evening (local time) and said the officer would be released.

“Its dangerous use Violence This is a clear violation of the terms of our service during this incident, “Magnus told reporters.

The police officer was not on duty the evening of the crime, but worked as a security guard at a supermarket. A supermarket employee reported that someone in a moving wheelchair had stolen the toolbox. When the 61-year-old was asked to show a receipt for the purchase, he picked up the knife and said, “Here’s your receipt!” Called and chased.

Lawyer: “There is no other way”

The guard repeatedly told the shopkeeper to stop the thief and drop the knife. It reportedly ignored the requests and went to the nearest hardware store. The police officer then shot the man in the wheelchair with nine bullets in the back.

Police spokesman Michael Story told the New York Times that he was trying to bring his client’s situation under control. However, the behavior of the alleged shoplifter was “no other way” than his. Weapon You have to take advantage of it.

In the United States, dangerous police actions cause repeated outrage, and in many cases they do Violence Against minorities.

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