May 24, 2024

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Merkel: The corona situation is “very serious” – locking up those who have not been vaccinated in Germany

Two weeks after the last federal-state round, the prime ministers and federal government in Germany decided to tighten and standardize corona operations. The “strict restrictions” of these activities were acknowledged. Most of the new regulations will be implemented by federal states through emergency legislation and others by changes to the law. Therefore, it is not clear at the outset when it will actually take effect.

When shopping for 2-G: Where this already does not apply, access to stores will be restricted to those who have been vaccinated and cured, no matter how high the infection. Stores for everyday needs, such as supermarkets, are excluded.

2-G in cinema, theater, restaurant: Access to cultural and leisure facilities and restaurants should be limited to those who have been vaccinated and recovering – regardless of events. Exceptions, for example, to children, are possible. Tests may also be recommended (2G Plus).

Big events and football: Nationwide “ghost games” are not planned, but the audience is significantly lower: the use of the stadiums is a maximum of 50 percent, a maximum of 15,000 spectators; Closed rooms should not exceed 50 percent and over 5000 visitors – only accessible with vaccinated or recovered (2G) and masked.

Restaurants: Not closed across Germany. Regionally, however, “temporary” closures are possible again with an amendment to the Infection Protection Act. This also applies to potential liquor sales restrictions or restrictions on hotel accommodation.

Bars, Clubs, Parties: Bars and clubs should close when they exceed 350. More than half of Germany’s urban and rural districts are currently overcrowded. Private parties are also prohibited: if the infection is over 350, even if vaccinated or cured, a maximum of 50 people can come in and a maximum of 200 can come out.

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Contacts: Meetings attended only by the person who has not been vaccinated or recovered, for one person’s own household and for a maximum of two persons from another person. Children are excluded. Meetings attended only by those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered will be unrestricted.

BÖLLER banned in the New Year: Do not sell crackers and crackers before the New Year. Municipalities should ban crackers and crackers in “high” squares. Also, the legislature should be banned.

Still valid: If existing resolutions are not preceded by new requirements, they are valid. That is, 2G is still applicable in hotels, fitness studios, hairdressers or beauty salons, for example, if the occupational values ​​of a particular hospital in a region are high.

Masking is essential in schools: Where it has not yet been re-introduced, it should happen now. See if you can wear a mask on the field. In conclusion it only says: “Masks are required for all grades in schools.”

Vaccines: Anyone who wants the first vaccine and the second or booster vaccine “at the right time” can get it by Christmas. Pharmacies, nurses and dentists should be allowed to vaccinate in the future.

Special vaccine duty: Another facility-related vaccination duty has been announced for staff working in maintenance facilities and clinics. We are already working on this.

General vaccination duty: Federal and state governments expect this to come from February. The Ethics Council should make a recommendation by the end of the year. Pundestock’s desire to make a decision on an “immediate” issue is to be welcomed.

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Vaccine status expires: Not decided yet. It should be clear by the end of the year from which month the “vaccine” status in Germany will expire in the future. At the EU level, they say, discussions will take place nine months after the second vaccination.

Crisis management: An expanded federal-state crisis committee has been set up at the Federal Chancellor to deal with the distribution and distribution of vaccines. It is already known that Bundeswehr Major General Carsten Brewer should lead this.

Expertenstop: An expert panel of scientists will be set up at the Chancellery. Meet once a week to provide collective advice. (sda)