April 15, 2024

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No drastic measures in Germany at present +++ UK cancels mandatory testing for vaccinated travelers

There are currently no severe corona measures in Germany – the new vaccine campaign

Federal and state governments are taking precautionary measures against corona infection. After consulting with federal government leaders on Monday evening, President Olaf Scholes (SPD) said it was “appropriate to continue this course.” Therefore, strict communication restrictions must be maintained “wherever many people are together”.

“We do not yet know how the number of epidemics will develop,” Scholes said. So “we have to be careful” is important. In addition, Scholz announced that the vaccination campaign would be accelerated again.

Federal and state governments have “basically decided that everything should remain the same for the next few weeks,” said Saxony’s Prime Minister Michael Gretchmer (CDU). “So no tightness, but no looseness.” This basic tax was confirmed by the Brandenburg State Government.

With great effort, the federal government has launched a new campaign for vaccines and boosters, Scholes explained Monday after federal and state consultations on measures to combat the corona epidemic. In addition to the posters with the slogan “Vaccine helps” there should be more calls on radio and social media sites now.

German Chancellor Olaf Schauls (SPD) presents a poster for the new vaccine campaign during a press conference after a meeting at the Presidential Palace. President Olaf Scholes met with the prime ministers of 16 federal states to discuss the corona virus situation and measures to combat the virus. The poster reads: “The vaccine helps. She helps everyone you love.”

Image: Hannibal Hanske / Pool AB / DPA