June 22, 2024

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Trump allies threaten retaliation and violence

Trump allies threaten retaliation and violence

After the latest impeachment against Donald Trump, allies are willing to use rhetorical violence. A dangerous game.

After the latest impeachment against Trump, Trump supporter Gary Lake is threatening special counsel Joe Biden and the media with harsh words. – Keystone

The essentials in a nutshell

  • This week, Donald Trump became the first US president to be impeached at the federal level.
  • Celebrities and politicians then resort to violent rhetoric.
  • Posts and speeches lead to a menacing mood and calls for violence.

Political rhetoric is always defensive; The word “election campaign” sends its greetings. Right-wing populists like Donald Trump have perfected it, but his supporters and allies are now taking it to the extreme.

After Trump became the first president to be impeached at the federal level this week, social media ran wild. Reports of violence, revenge fantasies and threats are on the rise in the Trump camp.

“Most of us are NRA members.”

Starting with Trump talking about “political contract killing”. Andy Biggs, who sits for the Republican Party in the House of Representatives, talks about the war on Twitter – “an eye for an eye.” “Revenge is at hand,” Kimberly Guilfoyle, an associate of Donald Trump Jr., said on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Trump rival Ron DeSantis feels “armed by law enforcement agencies.” The indictment represents “a deadly threat to a free society.”

Lake says we’ll protect Trump with a gun if necessary. But that’s not a threat, it’s a “public announcement”.

A talk show with murderous fantasies

What happens on the political stage is almost harmless compared to the shortcomings of right-wing commentators.


Do you think Trump will be convicted in the classified documents case?

For example, there’s right-wing extremist talk show host Pete Chantilly, who imagines the head of the Marine Corps on his show. So, he would order “every Marine” to arrest President Biden. The military should “kick him out of the White House” and “throw him in the back of a goddamn pickup truck with goddamn zip ties.”

One of Chantilly’s guests, if it’s legal, is Mark A. Millie was told to “shoot”.

Rhetoric as a catalyst for violence

According to experts on politically motivated violence, such statements by well-known political figures are extremely dangerous. Although they do not directly lead to physical violence, they create a threatening environment. And this violence gets more recognition.

This is not the first time right-wing prominent figures have used such rhetoric in support of Trump. The storming of the Capitol in Washington has already shown where this could end. Five people died.

It’s unclear when the latest impeachment against Trump will proceed — a court date has yet to be announced. If convicted, he faces jail time.