May 21, 2024

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Train crash in Germany – at least four killed in upper Bavaria – 15 injured – News

Train crash in Germany – at least four killed in upper Bavaria – 15 injured – News

  • At least four people have been killed in a train crash near Karmish-Bartenkirsen in Upper Bavaria.
  • About 30 people were injured and 15 were seriously injured and are being treated in hospital. The injured include children.
  • Federal Highways 2 and 23 near railroad tracks were completely closed. Police say long traffic jams are expected along the route as Pentecost holidays begin in Bavaria.

Three of the four victims have not yet been rescued. The victims were still under the wreckage, Bavaria’s Interior Minister Joachim Hermann (CSU) said Friday afternoon at the scene of the crash. “Until the railway wagon is lifted, we cannot deny that more people have died underneath,” he said. A fourth person died on the way to the hospital.

The regional train was heading towards Munich at noon. There is no denying that many students were on the train at the start of the holidays. A Federal Police spokesman said the train derailed in the Berkeley district of Loischau – and it is not yet clear why. Injuries include people of all ages, including children. The magnitude of the crash has not yet been predicted. 12 rescue helicopters circled the area.

Three carriages overturned. “People are being dragged through the window,” a federal police spokesman said. The accident happened at 12:15 pm – when many children were going home after school. Pentecost holidays in Bavaria begin on Saturday. A large number of firefighters, paramedics and police were deployed at the scene.

A full alert was raised for the fire and rescue service.

A spokesman for the Integrated Control Center in Oberland said: “A full alarm has been set for the fire and rescue service.

Those with minor injuries are safe

An American soldier was in a car on the road next to the railroad and told his recordings to the “Karmish-Bartenkirchner deckplot”: “This is terrible.” “Horrible. Suddenly the train overturned.”

Stephen Sondak, a spokesman for police headquarters in southern Upper Bavaria, said the first minor injuries were recovered after the incident. Relatives are also on site.

More traffic disaster

Deutsche Bahn expressed his “deepest sympathy” to the relatives of the victims and set up a hotline for relatives. “No statement can be issued at this time on the cause of the accident,” a statement said.

Nothing can be said at present about the cause of the accident.

Bavaria’s Transport Minister Christian Bernrait went to the scene of the accident. The train blocked the route between Karmish-Bartenkirsen and Oberoi. Trains from Munich start at the opera. From the Midwenwald direction, trains start at Carmish-Bartenkirch. It said on Twitter that alternative transportation was planned.

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It is not clear whether the regional train was particularly packed due to the new 9 euro ticket. For the region bordering Austria, the accident that happened just before the holiday was catastrophic in terms of traffic. Federal Highways 2 and 23 near railroad tracks were completely closed. Rescue workers are currently on the road and will not be allowed to drive in the Karmish-Bartenkirsen direction, “said a police spokesman.

Shoals and Whistling are stunned

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President Olaf Scholes (SPD) expressed his regret over the train crash. “Our condolences to the relatives and the injured and we wish them a speedy recovery,” he said. One is trying to save those who can be saved. Scholes spoke of “scattering news” and “depressing images” from the crash site in Bavaria.

Federal Transport Minister Volker Wissing was also shocked. “The images reaching us from Karmish-Bartenkirchen these hours are astounding,” the FDP politician said. “Currently, only the full extent of the disaster can be predicted. My thoughts are with relatives and the injured. We are in close contact with Deutsche Bahn and support as much as we can. Our experts are already on site to investigate the cause of the accident along with the investigating officers.