April 15, 2024

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Todd Smith: Joins Pilot Climate Glue

Todd Smith: Joins Pilot Climate Glue


He quits his dream job and joins Clima-Gluten

He once flew passengers around the world, and now he’s protesting against airlines with the group “Doomsday Rebellion.” In his view, these do very little for the environment.


By his own admission, he still loves the industry and flying, Smith said.


  • Todd Smith worked for Thomas Cook and flew around the world as a pilot.

  • He has left his job now.

  • Smith and his team are primarily targeting private jets.

He once flew for famous airlines like Thomas Cook Travelers from all over the world. Currently joined the Environment Committee Annihilation Rebellion Joined the protests in the United Kingdom. We’re talking about Todd Smith – 34 years old.

Among other things, the group condemns the damage the aviation industry is doing to the planet. It has earned the 34-year-old hostility from his former airline colleagues and criticism from those still working in the industry.

Since returning to aviation, Smith believes airlines and aircraft manufacturers need to do more for the planet. In addition to joining the Extinction Rebellion, Smith formed the aviation group Safe Landing, in which he and other pilots, flight attendants, and engineers from the aviation world shared the common goal of saving the Earth from damage by jet planes. Aerotime.org writes.

But what would prompt a 34-year-old man to give up his absolute dream job to join a climate group? Speaking to Aerotime.org, Smith says: “I remember seeing the Alps on my last flight from Gatwick to Dalaman. I noticed the amount of frost and ice left, making this one glacier very vulnerable and exposed.

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“We don’t want to target the working class”

Smith says he really loves the job and the industry. “But at the same time we have to tell the truth, and it’s difficult. I know I made myself very popular because of this, but we didn’t do it to be popular. We want to tell the truth, and now we understand it, so that in the end we can act quickly and save lives,” he said. The 34-year-old said.

The crew destruction agitator finds private jets particularly problematic. For example, groups of enthusiasts Green peace And police said Extinction Rebellion 2022 blocked private jets from entering the airport complex in Amsterdam, ANP news agency reported. Some even chained themselves to airplanes. For example, Smith says: “We don’t want to target the working class or those who have a right to holiday and freedom, but above all those who do the most damage and act recklessly.”

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