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Germany: “A Little Provocation” – The Lauterbach family names their son Karl

Germany: “A Little Provocation” – The Lauterbach family names their son Karl


“A Little Provocation” – The Lauterbach family names their son Carl

The Lauterbach family from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania have named their eleventh child Karl. They want to draw attention to the fact that they are still awaiting child support for their youngest son.


Two-month-old Carl struggled with lung problems early in his life.


  • The Lauterbach family from Mecklenburg-West Pomerania has eleven children.

  • The parents named their youngest son Karl – his name is the name of the German Minister of Health.

  • According to Amma this should also be a small inducement.

Elisa Lauterbach and her husband already had ten children before March 10. The Lauterbachs are so numerous that they live in a kindergarten in Wendish Bagendorff in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. From that day on, Latterbox was eleven. Son Name: Charles. The boy, who is now two months old, has the same name as him German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach.

The naming is no coincidence. Father wanted a German name – mother thought Karl was cute. “It was even a small provocation,” Eliza told the “Ostsee-Zeitung”. “The minister in Berlin can look after us quietly.” Because: The family has been waiting for the child’s welfare since the birth of little Carl. The family rents two holiday apartments and lives on their farm with animals. In the past, the family was struggling with financial problems.

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The family also had to bear the brunt of fate. Seven years ago, daughter Kathy died of sudden infant death syndrome shortly after birth. Likewise, little Carl did not have an easy start in life. He weighed 2810 grams and had lung problems. According to the mother, he is doing well now. “Now he’s fine, he’s a lover,” Eliza Lauterbach says.

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