April 15, 2024

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The Swiss in Spain arm themselves against ambushes with alarm systems

The Swiss in Spain arm themselves against ambushes with alarm systems

Anyone who owns a holiday home abroad will leave it empty for weeks at a time. But in Spain, the owners can experience a nasty surprise when they return: suddenly strangers live in the holiday home. The locks have been changed. And it is completely legal.

Home invasions by so-called occupas have been a very important issue in Spain, especially on the island of Mallorca, for years. This particularly affects those who own a second home or home. However, Okupas didn’t stop at the locals either.

According to the earlier legal situation, robbery and occupation were considered criminal offences. But: Police can immediately evict a house without a court order within the first 48 hours after a house is raided. This applies according to Spanish law.

After these two days anyone who only observes intruders has no chance.

This is because the Spanish Constitution grants every citizen the right to decent and adequate housing.

Quarry mafia is taking advantage of the situation. The so-called Okupas occupy the houses and demand a large ransom for their release, reports “Immobilien Mallorca”.

This problem is also known to Swiss immigrants in Spain. When asked by Nau.ch, some expressed concern – and gave hints.

Urs Schachter, president of the Club Suiso de Rojales, says: “If someone is not here at a certain time, it is advisable to inform friends, acquaintances and neighbors anyway.” If habituated people leave the property frequently, any incidents can be reported directly to the police. Because it has to be quick.


Have you secured your home with an alarm system?

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Yes, I feel safe this way.


No, I think it’s unnecessary.


Fridolin Weiss, president of Club Suso Baler, knows that too. He even knows specific cases. However, he did not fear aggression.

You can protect yourself against squatting, he believes. “You’d better install an alarm system.”

Hans Egli, president of the Club Suso Costa Blanca, also advises to pull together first: “Homeowners can protect themselves by asking more neighbors to watch when they are away.”

In this way, observations can be reported immediately. Fortunately, squatting is rare on the Costa Blanca because the area is so heavily built up.