June 15, 2024

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The storm surge clears the Italian Adriatic coast

The storm surge clears the Italian Adriatic coast

The storm hit the Italian Adriatic coast over the weekend. Thus tons of sand, deck chairs and umbrellas fell into the sea.

Briefly essential

  • This is a disaster for operators standing on the Adriatic coast.
  • Umbrellas, chairs and tons of sand fell into the sea due to the storm over the weekend.
  • In some places there was a heel about a meter high in the sand.

Visitors to the Adriatic coast of Italy generally expect plenty of sun and beautiful beaches. The storm hit on Saturday But now passengers And a spanner in the work of beach operators.

The cold north wind is not the only bad thing Wet Take care, but the whole parts Beach into the sea Cracking. Parasols, sun loungers and even life-saving towers were blown up.

30,000 cubic meters of sand was pulled into the sea

In Bibion, a few kilometers east of Venice, a step at a height of one meter was formed in the sand. “Two rows of umbrellas have slipped down. A conservative estimate has lost 30,000 cubic meters of sand,” Prime Minister Gianfranco told the Austrian “Kronen Siding”.

“More than a kilometer of beach has disappeared into the sea.” For Prataviera, the head of the Bibione Spaggia beach operator, the situation is catastrophic.

Have you ever been to the Adriatic on vacation?

Alessandro Iguadala, the beach manager of Jesolo near Venice, complained to the Italian newspaper Il Gazzettino: ” Tourists are flockingWe do not have a beach to supply. ”The municipality has been operating under periodic pressure to replenish the sand reserves on the beach.

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