June 22, 2024

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The Omicron variant affects almost everyone

With 750,000 new cases coming in a day, the American expert warns that the Omigran variant will affect almost everyone – including those who have been vaccinated.

Briefly essentials

  • In the United States, an average of 750,000 new cases have been reported in the last seven days.
  • Expert Fauci now warns that the Omikron variant will hit everyone.
  • It will not be so difficult for those who have been vaccinated and they will not have to go to the hospital.

The most contagious omigron variant Corona virus According to leading American expert Anthony Fauci, it will hit almost everyone sooner or later. “With Exceptional and unprecedented performance of the transmission Omigron will eventually find almost everyone. The immunologist and presidential adviser said Tuesday (local time).

Vaccinated people will also be affected, but most of them will not have such a difficult time, so they will have to do Not in the hospital Or will not die, said Fawzi in an interview with the Center for Thought and Center for International Studies (CSIS). Those who have not yet been vaccinated are the worst, Fauzi said.

In the United States, only 208 million people, or less than 63 percent, are fully vaccinated. So far only 76 million people have received the booster vaccine.

Fauci’s testimony came just hours after a similar warning from Janet Utok, executive director of the US FDA. “It’s difficult to implement what’s really happening at the moment, which means most people will get Govt,” Woodcock said at an inquest. US-Senate To Omigron. “Hospitals are still functioning and we need to ensure transportation and other essentials Services Don’t interrupt when this happens. “

During the hearing, CDC Director Rochelle Valensky said that Omikron was “taking case numbers to unprecedented heights in the United States and around the world.” According to the CDC, the last seven days averaged,Information Per day About 750,000 new infections have been confirmed.

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