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The latest event in the Corona crisis – Lockdown parties: Johnson with about 20 people in the garden Photo – News

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    More than 66,200 new infections and at least 152 deaths in the United States

    In the United States, the number of new infections within 24 hours has risen to at least 66,231. It gives the number of Reuters based on official data. In all, about 50.94 million people have been diagnosed with the corona virus. The death toll from the corona virus has risen by at least 152 to 809,268. The United States, with a population of about 330 million, has the highest number of infections and deaths worldwide.


    Israel has banned its citizens from traveling to the United States since Tuesday unless they have special permission. This is due to the spread of the Omigron mutant in the United States.


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    Johnson’s photo appeared with less than 20 people

    A photo of Prime Minister Boris Johnson with less than 20 people appeared in a garden on Downing Street after reports of locking parties at UK government headquarters. In the picture, which was released by The Guardian on Monday, comes from strict contact restrictions, Johnson can be seen at a desk with his wife Gary and two staff members. Spread throughout the garden you can see other groups, there is wine and cheese. A government spokesman said it was a working meeting.

    Then, in May 2020, in the UK, only a maximum of two people were allowed to meet outside and two meters away. Work meetings should be held only “absolutely necessary”.

    The photo connects with a series of reports of parties allegedly taking place on Downing Street during the lockout. So Boris Johnson does not have the political authority to protect the harsh corona operations. Angela Rainer, vice president of the Labor Party, described the image as “slapping in the face of the British public.”

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    Israel: Switzerland is a “red country”

    Israel has banned its citizens from traveling to Switzerland due to the Corona threat. The government announced that the measure to control the omigran variant of the corona virus will take effect from midnight on Wednesday (local time). The Cabinet confirmed the appropriate recommendation of the Ministry of Health.

    In addition, from Wednesday, Italy, the United States, Belgium, Hungary, Morocco, Portugal, Canada, and Turkey and Germany will be considered “red countries.” Foreigners are already banned from entering Israel.

    Vacant Hall at Ben Gurion International Airport in Lod.


    So far, more than 50 countries – especially in Africa – have been classified as “red” and Israelis are only allowed to enter there with special permission.


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    In New Zealand a person died of a heart attack

    In New Zealand, a 26-year-old man died after an initial vaccination with the active ingredient Biotech / Pfizer as a result of a heart attack. “Based on the information currently available, an independent panel responsible for overseeing the safety of the vaccine has determined that this person’s heart attack may be due to the vaccine. Pfizer did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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    Europe: Omigron spreads

    The Omigron virus variant is spreading rapidly in Europe. First countries impose strict restrictions on some cases before Christmas – even for those who have been vaccinated. An overview of the situation can be found here.

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    Stop access to unvaccinated and fast booster vaccines

    As of today, only those who have been vaccinated or recovered can access the interiors of facilities such as restaurants and indoor events. All cultural, leisure and sports facilities and events are affected by the need for certification indoors. In addition, everyone needs a mask. Only seated are allowed to take off the mask and drink or eat.

    Those who wish to do so without additional need may request the test voluntarily. The so-called 2G-plus rule is also mandatory in situations where mask or seat duty cannot be performed. For example, at discos, indoor swimming pools, bars, brass music rehearsals or indoor games with physical contact.

    Vaccinated and cured patients will only be admitted there if they have a negative corona test. This does not apply to those who have been infected or vaccinated in the last four months.

    Overview: The Federal Council has decided to tighten these rules.


    Percussion: The booster vaccine is now possible four months later

    Out News-Clip December 17, 2021 onwards.


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    The weekend is the most important

    Good morning, you can find the latest news on the weekend here:

    • Austria: Austria on Monday tightened its entry requirements to curb the omega-3 variant of the corona virus. The 2G + rule has been in effect since midnight.
    • Denmark: Due to the rapid spread of the Omigran variant of the corona virus, Denmark has closed most of its public life.
    • Switzerland: Short-term waiting period for booster vaccine of six to four months has left many zones confused. You are now preparing for the immense rush of those who want to be encouraged.
    • England: The British capital London on Saturday declared a catastrophe due to the rapid spread of the omigran variant of the corona virus.

    All news from last week can be found here.

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