June 18, 2024

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Israeli Ministry of Health recommends travel ban on Switzerland +++ Omigron rolls over UK

Head of Government of Spain Pedro Sanchez The crisis has called for a meeting this Wednesday due to the rapidly increasing number of corona. Sanchez said in a televised nationwide broadcast on Sunday that the video conference with the leaders of the autonomous communities, which is roughly similar to the prime ministers in Germany, should be about measures to control the epidemic. Very contagious Omigron variant The virus is also spreading in Spain and, according to experts, will soon become prevalent.

Sanchez warned that despite the high vaccination rate of 90 percent of citizens over the age of twelve, the risk posed by the virus is “real” even in Spain. The number of infections is now in the sixth corona wave at the onset of the epidemic The severely affected land has now risen rapidly to a seven-day event of nearly 320. “We cannot accept this incident. We must increase our efforts, ”he said.

However, other drastic measures such as a new emergency or lockout are not expected as the condition of hospitals is not as bad as last year. The intensive care unit currently has 1,300 corona patients, thus making up 14 percent of the capacity..

So far, corona activities in many regions have been limited to the 3G rule – vaccinated, restored or tested – when entering multiple public spaces, restrictions on stays in restaurants, theaters and concert halls and the need for a general mask in public interiors. And sometimes outdoors. Only in the Canary Islands is the number of people attending home meetings low. In Barcelona, ​​thousands of people protested against corona restrictions on Saturday evening.

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