June 22, 2024

Columbus Post

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The Kremlin is relying on scaremongering as propaganda for war in Ukraine


An airfield in the Kursk region of Russia, on the border with Ukraine, has been attacked by drones. An oil tanker caught fire.


Ciara SchlenzNews editor

For nearly nine months, Putin’s war of aggression against Ukraine has been a “special operation” for Russians far from home. On Tuesday, the reality of war — literally — hit Russia, too. Within two days, three airfields in Russia were attacked by drones. First on Monday were Dyagilevo Airport in Ryazan Region and Engels Airport in Saratov Region. The location in Kursk continued on Tuesday. Three soldiers were killed.

Vladimir Putin (70) called an emergency meeting of his Security Council. The Kremlin responded immediately “Institute for War Studies” (ISW) reported. Because the government’s new propaganda narrative is no longer “destruction of Ukraine” but “protection of Russia from the West” – and Ukraine. “There is a possibility that Russian officials are promoting defense products within Russia to incite patriotic feelings,” the UK MoD said in its report.