June 15, 2024

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The head of the Swedish government resigned on his election day

In the morning he was elected the new head of government of Sweden. Magdalena Anderson has now resigned.

Briefly essentials

  • Magdalena Anderson has resigned as head of the Swedish government.
  • Curiosity: He was elected to this post nine hours earlier.

A few hours later Your Wish First Swedish Head of Government Magdalena Anderson has announced her resignation. The Social Democrats in Stockholm on Wednesday called for the removal of Andreas Norlan, a Member of Parliament, but said he would not run for office.

Norlen endorsed the Social Democrats’ application for dismissal and announced that he would contact party leaders to discuss the situation. He will provide information on how to proceed on Thursday afternoon.

First Prime Minister of Sweden

Anderson became Sweden’s first female prime minister on Wednesday morning in Stockholm’s Reichstag.

Had them before Greens In the controversy over the budget proposal Resistance Announced Government Have to leave.

The reason for this is that The Parliament An alternative budget proposal in Stockholm on Wednesday Resistance Accepted. For the first time, the Stockholm Reichstag approved a state budget negotiated with the “right-wing extremist party,” Per Poland, one of the two Green Party leaders, told a news conference.

In Sweden it is common for a coalition government to step down when a party leaves the coalition. She wants nothing Government Anderson said whose legitimacy is being questioned. The 54-year-old now hopes to return to a fully-fledged Social Democratic minority government – further pointed out Green He still wanted to support him as prime minister.

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