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Gibraltar: When killer whales strike, sailors know what to do

Gibraltar: When killer whales strike, sailors know what to do


When killer whales attack, sailors know what to do

En route to Croatia, a ship is attacked by several killer whales – a video shows the escape.


The sailboat picked up speed as it was repeatedly attacked by orcas.

24 Sada

  • In Gibraltar, a Croatian captain’s sailing ship is attacked by orcas.

  • Fran Hrzic prepared the crew for such an event with a checklist.

  • The ship was not damaged and the crew was able to continue their journey.

A ship’s crew went to Zadar (Croatia). Your ship must be brought to “safe havens”. A three-week European sea voyage was planned. The starting point is Les Sables in France. The boat must cross the Atlantic to the Mediterranean. But after a few days, the voyage was interrupted at Gibraltar. On many sides of the ship Suddenly the killer whales appeared And hit it.

“I took the helm in front of an army of whales,” the Croatian captain told Croatian newspaper “24sata”. “They struck several times and waited for our reaction. The whales knew exactly what they were doing.” It is now known that the attack took place on July 2.

The captain made a checklist

Capt. Fran Hercik said he knows crews will be entering waters where arcas have been more active and aggressive toward sailors in recent months. So he meticulously prepared the adventurers In this scenario and created a checklist. “It turned out to be very useful, everyone knew what to do. It helped us a lot in this situation,” he says.

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A video posted online shows the crew steadily accelerating the ship. Finally they can shake the orcas. Their vehicle was not damaged in the attack and they continued their journey.

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