June 18, 2024

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The EU vice-president took to Instagram to document his lavish lifestyle

EU politicians mostly had a good time

The luxury life of Eva Kylie

Eva Kylie has been accused of accepting bribes from Qatar. His partner Francesco Giorgi has already pleaded guilty. The social democrat has documented her lavish lifestyle in countless posts on Instagram.


EU Vice-President Eva Kylie (44), who was sacked, is still in custody. His accomplice, Francesco Giorgio (35), pleaded guilty.


Marion NadlerRedaktor news

Vice President Eva Kylie (44), has been sacked.Membership in a criminal organization, money laundering and corruption» accused. Authorities found about 592,000 francs in cash in their Brussels apartment alone. Now things could be tight for the former TV presenter as her partner Francesco Giorgi, 35, admits.

The Greek has treated himself quite a bit in recent years and traveled halfway around the world. Your parliamentary salary is over 9000 Franc in the month However, he cannot explain the substantial increase in assets in his accounts over the past two years.