April 15, 2024

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The EU Member of Parliament made repeated trips to Switzerland

No more traveling for fallen MEPs

Jetsetter Eva Kylie has always been drawn to Switzerland

Eva Kylie had to cancel her participation in the St. Moritz crypto event in January. Greece’s political life came to an abrupt end last weekend. It all started out so promising.


Life was good then: EU Parliament Vice-President Eva Kylie with her partner Francesco Giorgi.


Samuel SchumacherForeign Correspondent

Eva Kylie (44) sits cross-legged on a leather chair in a hotel bar in Zug, her long blonde hair falling over a red scarf wrapped tightly around her neck by MEP. March in central Switzerland: not the best weather conditions for a Greek woman from Thessaloniki who likes to go sailing with her Italian partner. Curves around the Aegean And marveled at the architectural masterpieces of the Arabian Peninsula.

But Kylie, who was just 39 in the spring of 2018 and has long been a political star in her home country, says in an interview that Jug has pushed aside the frustration of the cold. With broadcaster CNN Money Switzerland Lots of good stuff. Things he repeats over and over again in many interviews. He talks about “Smart Solutions”, “New Approaches”, “Benefits of Digitization for Citizens”.