April 19, 2024

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The Chechens suddenly attacked Putin’s troops

The morale of the Russians in the war in Ukraine is deteriorating. Chechens and another faction are said to have shot at each other near Cherson.

Briefly essential

  • The conflict between Putin’s soldiers near Cherson has completely deteriorated.
  • About 50 Buryats were involved in a gun battle with 50 Chechens.
  • There was a dispute over the unfair distribution of looted goods.

Not enough food, no clear orders, bad equipment. The war in Ukraine demands a lot from Russian soldiers – and some of them are at the end of their annexation. Fighting is reported to have taken place between Russian forces in the village of Kiselyvka, near the occupied city of Chernivtsi.

Shared that Ukrainian Ministry of Defense On his website on Saturday. Fifty soldiers from the Buryat tribe are said to have been involved in a gun battle with a similar number of Chechens.

Do you think the Ukraine war will end soon?

According to the report, the reason for the internal conflict was the unfair distribution of looted loot. Prior to the gun battle, the Chechen unit was said to have stolen loot items previously looted by the Puriyats.

According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, many people were killed and wounded in the shooting. And on both sides. However, the information could not be verified independently.

Are Chechens preferred in the Ukraine war?

A controversy between the Chechens and the Purians has been developing for some time. The unequal treatment of different ethnic groups is considered to be problematic.

The Puriyats coming from near Mongolia have to fight in the front line. The Chechens, on the other hand, are apparently stationed behind enemy lines.

As of writing “heute.at”, its main function is for other units To promote “active action” and to find survivors. Accordingly, many Accusations of atrocities against civilians.

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