June 18, 2024

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Putin is reportedly planning a major rally on May 9

Experts believe that Putin wants to announce a victory against Ukraine on May 9. Now the war in Ukraine is really just beginning.

Briefly essential

  • Victory over Nazi Germany is celebrated in Russia on May 9th.
  • On this day it was assumed that Putin would like to declare victory against Ukraine.
  • Experts now expect a large mobilization to begin on May 9th.

I am 9. May Will be in Russia Celebrated victory against Nazi Germany. At first it was considered Called Putin’s mistress The ceremonies should announce the “victory” against Ukraine

This position no longer exists. May 9 is not a “victory day”, but experts now reckon it will be a day of great mobilization in the war in Ukraine.

Experts: War researchers Jack Waitling and Nick Reynolds from the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI). According to “oe24”, they say: “The deadline for victory has changed from May 9 to the start of a major mobilization.”

Do you think Putin will attack many more countries?

The Russian leadership has come to a conclusion: it needs time to achieve its goals in eastern and southern Ukraine.

There is now talk of a major offensive in the Ukraine war in the summer.

So is May 9 the day Russia no longer talks about “war” but about “special action”?

For several days already Show the military elite He was frustrated that the invasion had not yet succeeded. So they are asking the Russian president to officially declare war on Ukraine. They even called for a “total war.”

A Russian military source even told the Telegraph: “The military is so outraged by the defeat so far that they want to go further into Ukraine.” This is for revenge.

Ukraine War: Victory over the Nazis

On May 8, 1945, Germany announced the unconditional surrender of Vermach.

This ended the war in Europe during World War II. On the same day, this victory is celebrated annually in many countries.

Due to time constraints, “Victory Day” was not celebrated until May 9 in Russia and other post-Soviet countries.

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