April 19, 2024

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Texas incident: Biden grabs hostage at synagogue: “This is a terrorist act” – News

  • US President Joe Biden has condemned the capture of a mosque in the US state of Texas as an act of terrorism. The Democrats praised the police for releasing all the hostages.
  • Several people have been taken hostage at a synagogue in the town of Coleville, near Dallas, on Saturday.
  • Two young men are being questioned in connection with a crime in Manchester (GB).

“It’s a terrorist act,” Biden said Sunday at a rally in Philadelphia. The U.S. president said the police had “done an excellent job.”

After several hours of negotiations with the kidnapper, Special Forces entered the building in the evening (local time) and released the four hostages. These were harmless. The armed kidnapper was found dead. Police opened up about how he died. Officials have also officially announced the background.

Recovery message from Texas Governor Greg Abbott

The identity of the hostage was announced by police on Sunday: he is a 44-year-old British citizen. British police said on Sunday evening that they were investigating two youths in connection with the hostages. They were caught in South Manchester. Further details on this have not yet been announced.

According to initial findings, the offender bought weapons after arriving in the country and spent his first night in a shelter for the homeless, Joe Biden said Sunday. He and Vice President Kamala Harris called on the people to fight against anti-Semitism and hatred.

The offender’s brother was contacted

U.S. media have reported that kidnappers wanted to release a Pakistani scientist jailed in Texas on charges of plotting to assassinate U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan in 2010.

In Great Britain, one of the hostages’ brothers spoke. The brother wrote on the Facebook page of the Muslim community in the northern English city of Blackburn that the family had moved away from the crime and apologized to the victims. The kidnapper was a mentally ill victim.