April 19, 2024

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Tagesschau craves back – “lying down birth” means “mother” again

Tagesschau craves back – “lying down birth” means “mother” again


Tagesschau craves back – “lying down birth” means “mother” again

In an article in the draft law of the Union Ministry of Family Affairs, Tageschau spoke of “participating person” instead of “mother”. Tagesschau has now corrected this again.


“Borrower” instead of “mother”: German daily news provoked outrage and ridicule, now rowing back. (icon image)

IMAGO/Michael Gstettenbauer

  • In the German daily news, the phrase “participant” was used instead of “mother”.

  • After that there was a lot of excitement about the news.

  • Now she’s crawling back and explaining why.

Now a “birth” is back in the news as “mother”. On Saturday, the German daily News reported the draft law of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs. After the birth of a child not only the mother but also the second parent has to provide it Special holidays receives The Tagesschau called it: “Partner The person giving birth Should be released in the future after two weeks of birth.

Tagesschau editorial board Deutsche Bild said: “The term was chosen so as not to discriminate against anyone.” “Who exactly?” When asked, the newspaper did not receive any response. Now, however, the Tagesschau crawled back and changed the relevant paragraph. Mom can now be called “Mom” again. The text now reads: “Ten working days shall be partners mother To be released after birth in the future.”

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Compared to 20 minutes, Norddeutscher Rundfunk NDR explains its withdrawal as follows: “Because this led to a misunderstanding, the words ‘birth’ and ‘birth’ were replaced by the word ‘mother’ in the text.”

The internet makes a mockery of expression

On Twitter, the midwives allowed themselves a little humor. For example, user Livia Glass writes: “As a midwife, I think I get ten days off after each birth as a ‘birth person’ now.”

Even the German comedian Wigald Boning could not understand the expression that the Tagesschau first used. She writes on Twitter: “I’ve always found the word ‘mom’ to be a bit awkward, officey, and rude. That’s why I called, and continue to call, the ‘birthing person’: mom.”

Both of these Twitter reactions are so innocuous that many users have no understanding of the word choice of German daily news.

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