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Summer vacation: Austria goes to court as the sea suddenly disappears

Summer vacation: Austria goes to court as the sea suddenly disappears

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Austria goes to court because the sea is suddenly gone

An Austrian doesn’t like this part of his vacation in Italy. The sea level differed from the travel agent’s chart, and she filed a lawsuit.


The beach at Grado is known for the water receding far at low tide.


  • In Grado, an Italian city on the Adriatic coast, the waves are more pronounced.

  • An Austrian tourist sued his travel company because the sea was at a lower tide than the pictures in the listing showed.

  • She was not successful in it. She must have anticipated deviations in the water level.

It’s not always what it looks like on the holiday resort’s catalog or on the organizer’s website. An Austrian tourist in the Italian city of Grado had this experience some time ago: while he was taking a leisurely swim in the Mediterranean, it suddenly disappeared. She had to run meters after the water, but this was very different in the prospectus.

Her case did not stand a chance

The Austrian was so incensed by the “incident” that he complained to the tour operator after returning from Italy – and surprisingly denied it, as reported by “Heute”. Because there is fluctuation In Grado, as is well known, the deviations in the water level from the prospectus images are expected to be very pronounced, explains lawyer Ike Lindinger. Thus, there is no defect in the Travel Act.

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The lawyer has been representing tour operators for three decades and has faced various bizarre cases in his career. Vacationers expect higher payouts if their trip doesn’t go as expected, Lindinger told “TODAY.” However, only you will receive In rare cases, the full price will be refunded: “Often it’s only five percent.”

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